Metabolism Booster Drink That Help You In Rapid Weight Loss


This metabolism booster drink can help jump start a lazy metabolism and pull your diet into high speed gear……

Whenever you are trying to lose weight, you definitely need to burn more calories than you take in a whole day. This is very simple to do as you have a fast metabolic rate. Because your body metabolism, decide how much calories your body burns throughout the day.

Your metabolism integrates with enzymes and hormones which help your body transfer food into energy. It can also use this energy instantly, otherwise it gets stored in tissue or muscle, as a fat. Well this is terrible!! You don’t know what to put in your mouth where it is stored.

metabolism booster drinkYou just have to be wise and cautious while selecting what goes into your mouth, as those choices eventually obvious leave their effects in the body.

By picking the right foods, no matter these are solids or liquid form, make sure it can rev up your metabolism. I have select happy tummy drinks you may would like to contribute into turbo-charge your metabolic rate.

This drink can boost up your metabolism like a shoooo, additionally this metabolism booster drink allows your body to lose weight fast at the same time stable your stomach.

Metabolism Booster Drink:


2 tbsp tamarind without seeds
12 dry plums without seeds
12 dates without seeds
2 cups of fresh orange juice

Preparation Method:

First begin to take soak tamarind, plums and dates in little bit water and mash it properly. Our second step to take one pan, add 2 cups of orange juice, tamarind paste, plum paste and dates paste cook all ingredients at low flame. Let all ingredients properly dissolve in orange juice. Cook all ingredients at lower the flame for 15 to 20 minutes till mixture thickens a like a sugar syrup. Then remove from the pan and let the mixture become cool. After that pour this Metabolism Booster Drink into the sterilized glass bottles. Later on refrigerate the Metabolism Booster Drink bottles.

 metabolism booster drinkHow to Consume?

Shake the bottle before you use it. For serving, take one glass of cold water add, 2 tbsp Metabolism Booster Drink mixture to enhance the flavor you can add some fresh mint leaves and mix well with water and consume after taking your meal. *You can take this drink twice a day.