Side effects of Lemon Water That You Didn’t Know Before


Find the Side Effects of Lemon Water……..

In the scorching heat of summer, the only thing that quenches our thirst is a chilled drink. Mostly, people opt for an iced lemon juice. It is delicious, and it is certainly good for health.

Lemons with warm water can also aid in losing the fats, and it contains Vitamin C which is good for our body. But this is only the brighter side of the coin. There indeed is a darker side of the coin. If lemonsĀ  water are consumed every day, it can cause some serious problems.

Following are the side effects of lemon that arise from the regular consumption of lemon water:


lemon water

Lemon is citrus, and therefore it comprises of a high level of acid. This acid is not good for the stomach, especially if someone has a weak stomach. The intake of too much lemon juices and lemon detoxes can harm the stomach and result in ulcers.

Break Enamel Layer:

Dentists often advise the patients to take Vitamin C if there are any problems with the teeth. It does not mean that lemons are the saviors of teeth. In fact, if lemon juice is taken on a regular basis, the enamel guarding our tooth is eroded, and the consequence is tooth decay.


lemon waterThe content of acid in lemons may cause burning in the heart and chest area. The chest area also gets pain and acidity. Lemons are not good for the stomach at all because the acid might react with the fluid in the stomach and liver.

Stones in kidney and gallbladder:

Lemons comprise of oxalates. These oxalates turn into crystals if they are taken more regularly. The crystals can turn into stones in kidney and gallbladder since they absorb the calcium in the body.

Urine Problem:

Lemons are used in detoxes and weight loss programs as they are helpful in weight loss. Lemons cause the need to urinate more, and that is why the weight loss motivators advice is drinking a lot of water. If someone is not drinking a lot of water with drinking lemon water, they might go through the problem of having more urine.

Upset Stomach:

Drinking lemon with water has some good and bad consequences. The bad consequence is that it consists of acid that can upset the stomach, and this can cause pain in the stomach for days.


lemon waterIn a nutshell, the benefits of lemons have always been in the limelight, but very few people know about the side effects of lemon water. Lemons are considered healthy, and mostly the health conscious people are the ones appreciating the advantages of lemons. They know less about the cons of lemon with water.

While lemon juice does wonders, it should be kept in mind that it comes with a handful of side effects and can affect our health severely. For this purpose, if someone is intending to go on a diet or is just a fan of lemon juice.They should first meet their doctor or dietitian to inquire about how the consumption of this acidic citrus will react to the body and if it will cause any difference to the digestive system or stomach.