Weight Loss Trainers In Dallas, Texas (USA)


Are you fighting against obesity??? I think this time is right to start making changes in your life and lost a lot of weight from your body. But HOW? Here we give you the details about different weight loss trainers in the USA- they are working hard to help you to lose your weight fast.

Best Weight Loss Trainers of  Dallas, Texas (USA):

Alex Nerney
Weight Loss Trainer – Dallas, Texas:

weight loss trainers Alex Nerney has the 3+ years experience in weight loss training. He deals with about 5,000+ client hours logged. He said that the workout is an absolute craze for him and he love to help people reach their desired goals. So, work out with Alex Nerney and get smart, body look 🙂 Alex Nerney wants you to to work hard. He expects with their clients to be pushed past where you would continue your own. And clients would be your side for the entire journey of weight loss. And then lastly, they get Results.

Specialties of Alex Nerney – Fitness Nutrition ISSA, Triple certified trainer – Strength Training CSCS, Personal Training NESTA and Cooper Trained.

Rates of $ Alex Nerney:

He charges you 95.00 per session 50 min – 1 hour session
(note* rates count on how many sessions you want to get)

Tim Forte
Weight Loss Trainer – Dallas, Texas:

weight loss trainers Tim Forte brings a fitness evaluation and complete nutrition planning. He develops the right weight loss training program for you. Tim Forte is one of the best weight loss trainers who design a customized weight loss programs that include all types of weight loss that are trained exactly based on your goals and desires just like cardio respiratory, balance, strength, core flexibility, and reactive. Different practices used normal weight training, Metabolic interval training, Plyometrics, Crossfit, Boxing, and Circuit training.

As a professional weight loss trainers Tim Forte will help to achieve a healthier lifestyle and get the results you deserve in the confidentiality of your own home.

Specialties of Tim Forte – Core training, Circuit training, Personal training, Weight loss training, Resistance training.

Rates of Tim Forte:

He charges $90.00 per hour 50 minute couple session and $65.00 per session

Natalie Dickinson

Personal Trainer – Dallas, Texas:

weight loss trainers Natalie Dickinson the young weight loss trainers. She is an athlete and discovered the weight loss training for women when she was in college. As a woman weight loss trainer, she understands the women’s body type and aware of what every woman approaches towards a fitness. Natalie Dickinson assist their clients in a cardio workout, flexibility, strength training plus she provides a complete nutritional guidance… that of course help to look sexy in our jeans!

Natalie Dickinson every workout is customized for every particular client, and the workouts develop with you as you get strength, staying power, and achieve your goals!

Rates of Natalie Dickinson:

$80.00 per hour for 2-person session
$60.00 per hour for private in-home training
$100.00 per hour for 4-person session
$90.00 per hour for 3-person session